Goal Setting – 7 tips on what not to do!

Ok so I raise my hand and admit that I am that girl….. you know the one, who always sets New Years Resolutions and by February has totally blown the lot.  My January diet plans have failed by week 2 when the chocolate drawer has called my name.  Then all my intentions to complete the Bible in 365 days has usually seen hundreds of presses on the “Catch me up” button by March.

Yes I admit I have not been that successful at staying on track.  So why am I writing a blog about goal setting?

Like Thomas Edison said (the inventor of the lightbulb who failed numerous times): “I am closer to my goal as I’ve discovered 3000 ways how not to make a light bulb”.  I figure that I too have found numerous ways how not to achieve your goals in the hope that this year I finally achieve them.  So here are my 7 tips on what not to do:


  1. Set the bar too high.

Our first big mistake is setting pie in the sky un-achievable goals like “I’m going to loose 30 kilos this year” or “I’m going to run a marathon in March” but I can’t yet run to the end of the street without needing medical attention.  Mmmmm did someone say pie?

When we set our goals as if we are in December already it can be very difficult to continue the journey during the early weeks when the goal just seems so far away and the sacrifice seems to be for an eternity.  It causes us to give up too quickly.

Set your goals and then break them down into bite sized monthly chunks to ensure they are actually achievable.


  1. Setting too many goals.

If you’re anything like me then every year I evaluate my life and see a whole long list of things that I need to change.  However, trying to tackle them all at the same time is definitely a medicine for failure.   Take it from one who knows. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many changes.

Pick your top 3 most important to focus on this year.


  1. Doubting Yourself

When you set a goal followed by the statement “I will try but don’t think I will achieve it” already means you’ve failed.  I’m sorry to say that simply willing something to happen isn’t going to make it happen.  You have to believe that you have what it takes to achieve your goal.

Tell yourself what you’re made of.


  1. Keep them to yourself

The only reason we keep our goals to ourselves and don’t share them with our friends is because we don’t want to loose face when we don’t reach them.  We have already started off doubting ourselves and given ourselves a get out clause.

Share your goals with those who will hold you accountable to them.


  1. Choose goals that make others happy.

Setting goals to keep other people happy is a disaster.  Not only do you attempt them begrudgingly but you also make the situation worse when you fail and you know you’ve disappointed the very ones you wanted to please.  Goals should only ever be achieved because they are what you want and no-one else.

The rewards of reaching your goals are for your own benefit that others get to enjoy with you.


  1. Choose goals that don’t take you closer to your future.

Setting goals that have absolutely no effect on your future is pointless.  You will soon realise it too when the going gets tough and you find every rational reason to convince yourself and others why giving up is the best option.

Choose goals that leads to a better you.


  1. Choose goals that don’t set your soul of fire.

If you’re not passionate about it then don’t attempt it.  To reach December with these goals under your belt then you have to really want the rewards that come with success.

When the rewards are greater than the sacrifice you will succeed.


So for what it is worth that is my advice on how to live a successful 2017 and reaching new heights that you never realised you could.

I am cheering you on to go for it to reach 2018 a better and more fulfilled version of yourself.  Good Luck!

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  1. Peter Pilt says:

    Great thoughts Ang.

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