The World Changers

This week we celebrate motherhood. This role is the most vital and world changing role we can ever hold as a woman.

It is often taken lightly that the role of Mum is just to cook and clean and practically nurture children into adulthood.  All these things can be true of course but how often we fail to realise what an impact on the future of the globe the role of motherhood plays.


Mothers are the only living being that can bring another living being into the world.  Our Mothers bear the next generation of leaders, politicians, doctors, scientists, humanitarians,  inventors,  philosophers, noble prize winners.


Every world changer to have walked this earth originated with a mother. Abraham Lincoln,  Martin Luther King,  Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa,  Helen Keller,  Nelson Mandella,  The Pope even Jesus Christ.


All the worlds greats were once nursing at their mothers breasts and completely dependent on her skills to bring them through to adulthood.


Is it a coincidence that your child grows up to become a world changer or does the role of a parent have any significant impact on your childs future decisions?

I recently asked my 13 year old son ‘if there is one thing that Mum has taught you by the way I live what would that be?  His response blew me away.  He said something that I have never once talked to him about or made a point of saying. Yet he has observed that this is a rule I do believe in and live by.  He said:

“duty over desire”.

He has seen through the decisions I make in life that you must always do what is right above doing what you want.  Wow for a 13 year old to discover that truth and articulate it in the way he did was eye opening.


Children don’t just learn from their parents how to walk, take care of themselves and get good grades.  They form their whole beliefs, morals and passions.  They learn how to communicate and treat others.  Self esteem, self worth and how to make good decisions are all built in their childhood home.


These are the gifts as  parents we give to our children.  These are the qualities we give that lead them to change the world.

The world is rapidly losing its moral compass. Video games, social media and pornography are educating our children.  Domestic Violence, substance abuse and crime are at an all time high.  People are being sold into slavery at a disturbing rate. Terrorism is causing global panic. Nations are at war with nations,  religions against religions.  The world is leaking.

We cannot be held responsible for our child’s decisions in life for they soon become adults and make their own way.  However, we have the greatest chance and opportunity as a parent to ensure their decisions are good ones.

We often believe that politicians or the media have the power to change the world.  They have the difficult task of changing an already corrupt and hurting world.


The real power to change the future of what this world becomes lies in the hands of the ones who raise their child.


This is the power of Motherhood the future is in our hands.

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