Humble Pie Dessert

Today is one of those days,  yes one of those days, where I wished I had just stayed in bed with the covers over my head all day long. It would have been much safer if I had.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have caused quite so much damage to a meaningful relationship or spent all afternoon alone wondering how I could make it right again.

Today all was going well, the sun was shining,  I was running on time for everything, in fine spirits. I even had time to play my guitar and sing my little heart out this morning.  Then all of a sudden dum dum dum! Disaster strikes.

I unintentionally hurt a friend’s feelings which led to a snowball of over emotional outbursts and rapid escapes.


The truth is if a friendship is meaningful whether you are the offended or the offender they both suck.


I hate the thought that I have offended a friend.

The response I received then upset me and now I too am on the other side of the offence which caused me to rise in defence of myself.  The offender becomes the offended


How often does a minor issue all of a sudden become such a big mountain with two close friends now standing on opposite sides? and all because we simply cannot see a small dispute for what it is, nonsense.


Why do we make mountains out of molehills and blow things up way bigger than necessary?  Is this just a woman thing?  Or is it human nature?  OK, men, this is not an invitation for you to comment.


I don’t believe, if you are good friends, that it is ever anyone’s intention to offend another, it is all just a matter of perspective.


Some days we have our glasses on and other days we don’t.  Some days we are completely aware of how our words and actions affect those around us and other days we don’t.

Human nature is such that when we receive one little cut to the skin, we want to look deeper into the wound and wallow in our pain, so we pull the skin back so far to see what is underneath and before we know it……a small scratch now needs stitches.

In other words, a minor bruise to our egos all of a sudden exposes a whole truckload of wounds that needs work to repair.  Why do we do this?  Why don’t we just deal quickly and confidently with the minor grazes in our lives so that they don’t become gaping wounds?

There is only one answer to that……..PRIDE.

We are too proud to admit that sometimes we stuff up.  Sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most, not because they did anything wrong,  but just because they are there and they are closest to us.


It doesn’t matter if we are the one offended or the one offending they are both issues of Pride and the only way to overcome this is to suck it up, get over it and just get on with being a friend.


Ephesians 4:32 says:

‘Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.’

So now I must make an uncomfortable call and embrace a friend that aside from our differences and our mistakes, she is a friend that I love and love doing life with and want to continue doing just that.

So I must do what is right and give them my grace and forgiveness and my humble pie offering but I will take two spoons.





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